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  • Joomla! SEO | 10 tips to optimize & improve your site's ranking

      1 - A site ranking must be thought out when creating a website. Just like any other part of a website (such as the optimization or the security), it's important to plan your site's SEO ahead, preferably when building your site. The way you will create content, how you'll sort this content into categories, your site's navigation, the way you'll build links so that visitors and search engines can navigate your articles, they will all depend on your SEO plan. It's of course possible to optimize existing sites to improve their search engine rankings afterwards but it's more complex and, consequently, it requires more work.   2 - Keywords analysis Before you start thinking about the site's ranking process itself, it's important that you clearly define the keywords that your site will rank for.First, you need to conduct a keyword research to find out what already exists on the web. To do so, write down a list of the keywords that you find important and relevant to your we ...

    Wednesday, 11 June 2014
  • Joomla 3 The Book For Everyone

    Joomla! 3 The book for everyone

    Joomla! 3 The Book For Everyone is available:    Online for freeE-book for 7€   Who is this book for ? This book is aimed at both beginners and users of previous Joomla! versions who wish to build and manage a website without writing code. Thanks to this book, you will be able to build a website on your personal computer, to move it online, to maintain it, to create and publish content, to install extensions with new features, to backup and update your website and much more ! {loadposition social-share} Summary : Introduction Glossary Toolbox Installation Frontend & Backend presentation Articles & Categories Managers Media Manager Publish an article Extensions Components Banners Contact Joomla! Update Messaging Newsfeeds Post-installation Message Redirect Search Smart Search Tags Weblinks Modules Plugins Languages Menus & Navigation Templates Users management Multilingual website Security Backup, move, rest ...

    Monday, 28 April 2014
  • How to create your own Joomla! templates using Template Creator

    Note that it's important to choose a well-coded template for at least three reasons: Search engines like clean code, therefore your site will rank higher if the code is clean. A well-coded template will have a fast load time, providing a pleasant experience for your visitors. You will be able to easily edit (if necessary) the code of a well-coded template. For all these reasons, it is important that you carefully choose your template. When you installed Joomla!, you also installed 2 templates (in Frontend): Protostar and Beez3. These two templates are clean, ready-to-use and responsive design (suitable for all devices), but, in order to make your site stand apart from other Joomla! websites, you may want to edit these templates or use a completely different one. If you wish to use a template that is different from those natively included in Joomla!, you have 2 options: Download and install a template from a template provider. There are thousands of them, free or commerci ...

    Tuesday, 25 February 2014
  • Secure and Optimize your websites with aeSecure

    Basic security precautions for Joomla ! You all probably already know, but I'll tell you anyway, that to keep your Joomla! website secure at most, you have to : Keep your website updated. You should always use the latest stable version (LTS or STS) of Joomla! available. The Joomla! development team is working hard to offer you corrective patches. For your part, you just have to apply those corrective patches, which is usually done with only a few clicks. It's simple, you should make the most of it. Keep all installed extensions updated. The (good) developers work hard to offer you corrective patches. For your part, you just have to apply those corrective patches, which is usually done with only a few clicks. It's simple, you should make the most of it. NOTE : As always, and before updating (Joomla ! or third-party extensions), back your website up. You can back it up in just a few clicks thanks to a great extension : Akeeba Backup. As you can see, th ...

    Thursday, 06 February 2014
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